Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3901D)


The Shark Lift-Away Pro steam pocket mop, alternatively known as ‘Dirt Devil Steam Mop’ is the source of Shark steam power in every corner of your home. The Best Steam Mop with exciting removable handheld steamer features and 3 settings of Intelligent Steam Control lets you clean and sanitize all the hard surfaces and soft fabrics of your home.

What Comes With the Package

  • Rectangle Mop Head
  • Triangle Mop Head
  • Scrubber Tool
  • 25 feet Power Cord
  • Concentrator Nozzle
  • Garment Steamer with Brush
  • Accessory Hose
  • Microfiber Bonnet
  • All-purpose Flat Scrubber Pad
  • A filling Flask
  • 2 Scrub Pockets

Product Description

# It makes surface cleaner than the traditional mop & bucket.

# It delivers exactly the required amount of steam at the exact temperature to clean, sanitize and dry in seconds.

# This cleaner provides twice the cleaning area of other cleaners with the aid of two-sided steam pocket pads by just a quick flip of the pads.

# For general cleaning, there is a rectangular quick release cleaning head.

# The job of the carpet glider is to freshen and groom area rugs and carpets.

# To clean above floor, the handheld steamer easily lifts away.


Main Features Of The Product

Like all other cleaners, the Best Steam Mop has some very exciting features which have made it significant.

Shark Professional Pocket Steam Mop

For deep cleansing and sanitization of your wood and hard floors, the super heated steam supplies 99.9% sanitization against bacteria and germs. There are two quick release mop head. One acts as optimal cleaning tool for general cleaning, while another one allows to reach corners and other remote areas.

Washable Microfiber Pockets

Shark Washable Microfiber Lifts and locks down the filths other cleaners leave behind. The two different and unique sides are designed for premium performance and quick results. Each pad lasts for 20 washes.

Lift Away Handheld Steamer

With these feature, the cleaner can ensure 99% sanitization of steam to all areas of your home. Just press the button and the portable handheld steamer will be removed and the specialized attachments will be completed to steam clean and sanitize above the surfaces and garments.

Special Feature

The Dirt Devil Steam Mop comes with a Shark Intelligent Steam Control which offers three different steam settings- dust, mop and scrub. Each of these settings is ideal for different surfaces and specific cleaning requirements. For tough cleaning tasks like stuck-on dirt or heavy traffic areas, you can select more steam supply. Again, for light dusting or delicate surfaces like regular cleaning, you can select very light steam.

Technical Attributes

Dimensions11.1 x 7.7 x 28.7 inches
Weight9.9 pounds
Part NumberS3901D
Manufacturer Shark
Guarantee1 year limited warranty


  • Cleaning settings is adjustable
  • Slides smoothly across flooring
  • Leaves a very little water on the floor
  • Adorned with double-sided cleaning cloths
  • Cleaning nozzle surface is large
  • High rate of steam


  • No maximum capacity line on water tank
  • Struggles to expel sticky and oily stains from ceramic and vinyl tiles
  • Runs less than 10 minutes on a single tank

Customer’s Reviews and Ratings

Steam Mop Reviews by the customers can give you a wide idea about the quality and standard of the product. If you have already made up your mind about buying this cleaner, surely the customer reviews will help you a lot in this respect. This best steam mop has got 4.1 star rating with a lot of review by the registered reviewers of Amazon. Have a look-

# With nice settings, it works great. To clean the heck out of the wooden and tile floors, steam lasts long enough for this type of serious cleaning before needing to restore the tank. You don’t even need to buy any expensive attachments.

# Loved it so far and used it right away. I directly found the results, as the floors were too dirty and just after cleaning, walking all around I easily got the differences. Definitely worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it steam the carpet?
  2. No, this one only works on the hard surfaces. You can apply it in case of small spots with the attachment. But it gives the best performance on hardwood, ceramic tiles and marble tiles.
  3. Can I get it with the cloths?
  4. It is available in 3 cloths. One is regular, one scrubber and one is triangle for cleaning the attachments.


So, if you have already decided to buy a steam mop to be your cleaning week partner, don’t think twice. Undoubtedly, this one will give you the best cleaning experience.


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